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Design Features that Maximize your Waterfront View in Coastal Florida

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If you want to maximize your waterfront views in coastal Florida, here are some design features that you may consider:

Waterfront property in the West Coast of Florida is in high demand right now. Take for instance areas such as South Tampa, St. Petersburg, Davis Island and Clearwater Beach. Vacant residential lots are hard to come by, and everywhere you turn there is a new custom home under construction where a once older home stood.
As home designs and trends evolve, more focus is being put on how we integrate the outside living spaces, and how we enhance the best views into as many living spaces as possible. Building techniques and new products are helping designers enhance that living experience for their clients.
Ever wonder what that previous home looked like on the inside? The curb appeal may have been ok, and it might have been immaculately maintained, but what hid inside? Usually, it was a chopped-up floor plan, 6’-8’ tall sliding glass doors, low ceilings, walls where there should have been windows and no flow between indoor and outdoor living spaces. All elements that can hinder your view if not addressed during your design stage.

With 29 years of experience in how to design for the best views, we’d like to share some of our go to’s!

1.      Large floor to ceiling windows: Strategic placement of large windows that overlook the waterfront can transform your living space, flooding it with natural light and offering breathtaking, unobstructed views of the water. However, it’s crucial to consider the placement of your windows to avoid obtrusive views of unsightly equipment such as HVAC and generators or close-by neighboring dwellings. An oversight in this area could be detrimental not only to the view but mean your mechanical equipment is forced to be placed in a location that hinders its efficiency and performance. In addition, privacy is a top priority for many luxury homeowners and they opt for privacy film or Smart Glass to prevent unwanted onlookers or boaters from peering in.
We want to maximize floor to ceiling windows when possible but that could mean having to choose between your view and privacy. Less desirable room placements may solve a privacy concern, but are you ready to sacrifice placement of your primary suite, primary bath and bedrooms with no water view? A simple solution is take advantage of technology to enhance your design and maximize the views. With careful consideration of these factors, and new window technology that gives designers freedom to design larger, unobstructed single panes of glass, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – ample natural light and stunning views without compromising privacy when designing your dream home.

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2.      Roof top deck or elevated balcony: Transform your living space into a breathtaking retreat by adding an elevated a roof top deck or elevated balcony. Each features an elevated perspective and offers an unparalleled view of the shimmering water.
Rooftop decks have quickly become a sought-after feature, providing a stunning panoramic view of the surroundings. Taking roof top decks into consideration during design means your deck is positioned to capture your best views, while not taking away from curb appeal, or adding unnecessary complexity to the construction. By installing sleek and modern glass railings, you can also preserve the aesthetic appeal of any deck of your home while preventing visual obstruction to your pristine view. Not sure where your best view will be from or if you can see over that tree? Drone technology has come a long way and is used to measure height and take video at different positions on the property. This will ensure your most important rooms and decks are positioned correctly to capture the best views! You need to know this before the design is started and is not a step you want to overlook.
Elevate your outdoor living experience with an elevated roof top deck or balcony and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of your waterfront property by planning ahead.

3.      Outdoor living areas: Properly designed, elevate your waterfront living experience by designing outdoor living areas that allow you to relish the natural beauty of your surroundings. Much like a roof deck or upper balcony, lanais or covered porches off your main living areas not only creates an opportunity to expand your living space, but if made accessible by picking the proper doors, it enhances your view to the backyard and water beyond.

Imagine savoring your morning cup of coffee or enjoying a relaxing evening with your loved ones on your patio or covered porch, with the tranquil waters glistening in the background. By incorporating sliding glass doors to access your outdoor living, you can effortlessly merge your indoor and outdoor living spaces you have the ability to maximize the opening and create a large viewing angles. Bringing glass to the floor and making it as tall as possible makes any room feel larger. Carefully planning your door opening width and height will also tell you how many panels you will have. This is important with sliding glass door frames because the vertical frame at each panel can be large and obtrusive to meet our Florida building codes. Sleek frame keeps your eyes focused on what is beyond, not the door frames.

Another option is sliding glass doors that completely open and all panels pocket behind a wall. The advantage to this is your ability to fully open the space to walk through. The downfall is you now need a wall to hide the doors. Would you rather have that wall be the sliding glass door you can see through, or a wall that hides the doors? It all comes down to preference when factoring in how you will live in the home.
If accordion doors have sparked your interest, consider the functionality and additional vertical frame members. When closed they create more vertical members to look at, and when opening you need additional clear floor space since they open accordion style and do not stack flat. While they are a great option that offer many benefits, these too come down to preference.
Don’t forget the railing that runs the perimeter of your lanai. To maximize views, opt for glass railings or cable railings. Both options maximize your view over aluminum railing options.

These doors products and features not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provide you with ample natural light and ventilation, making your outdoor living area feel like an extension of your indoor space. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or simply enjoying a quiet moment, your outdoor living area will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your waterfront lifestyle.

4.      Landscaping: Maximize the beauty of your waterfront property by creating a landscaping design that perfectly complements your view. Opt for minimalistic or low-profile landscaping to prevent obstructing the natural beauty of the water view. Careful selection of plants, shrubs, and trees can also enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your property without compromising the view. By choosing plants with a low profile, you can maintain the unobstructed view while still adding texture and color to your landscape. Additionally, consider strategically placing hedges, fencing, or other natural barriers to conceal unsightly views, such as utility equipment or neighboring properties. With a thoughtful landscaping design, you can create a seamless transition between your home and the natural environment and indulge in the stunning panoramic views of your waterfront property.

In summary, optimizing your waterfront property for a picturesque view is all about striking a balance between function and aesthetics. The key is to make the natural beauty of your waterfront property the focal point. By incorporating these elements, you can create an inviting and serene oasis that provides the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. So why not turn your waterfront property into a dream retreat today, and start living the life you’ve always imagined?



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