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Davis Bews Design Group: Empowering the Future of Drafting & Drafting through Collaboration with Dunedin High School

At Davis Bews Design Group, we believe in nurturing and supporting the next generation of architects and designers. That’s why we are delighted to share our recent collaboration with Dunedin High School’s Architecture STEM Program, a remarkable initiative that equips students with the necessary skills for a promising career in architecture, design, civil engineering, or computer-assisted design (CAD). Our partnership has allowed us to contribute to the program’s educational objectives while offering valuable insights and hands-on experiences to aspiring young professionals.
Inspiring Learning Experiences: During a recent field walk, the enthusiastic students of Drafting 2 and Drafting 3 at Dunedin High School had the incredible opportunity to witness the construction of one of our St. Petersburg designs. Under the guidance of our designer, project manager, and the talented builder, Elisa LaBram of LaBram Homes, the students gained first-hand insights into the architectural process. They learned about the various stages involved, the importance of collaboration between designers and builders, and the attention to detail required for successful execution.
Bringing the Learning Back to the Classroom: At Davis Bews, we firmly believe in the power of practical experience and mentorship. To further enhance the students’ learning, our team of talented designers led an illustration class, allowing the students to acquire hands-on design experience. This unique opportunity provided a platform for them to showcase their creativity, explore various design techniques, and receive valuable guidance from seasoned industry professionals. It was an enriching experience that broadened their horizons and ignited their passion for architectural design.
Fostering Future Talent: Our commitment to supporting young talent goes beyond a one-time collaboration. As a testament to our dedication, Davis Bews Design Group is hosting a Dunedin High School student as an intern for the summer. This internship opportunity aims to provide an immersive and real-world experience, allowing the student to further develop their skills and gain invaluable insights into the architectural industry.
Looking Towards the Future: The collaboration between Davis Bews Design Group and Dunedin High School’s Architecture STEM Program has been a resounding success, inspiring both our team and the students involved. We are proud to have played a part in nurturing the next generation of drafters and designers. The enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication exhibited by these young minds have reaffirmed our belief in the power of collaboration and mentorship. Davis Bews looks forward to continued collaborations with educational institutions, fostering innovation, and empowering aspiring designers and drafters to shape a better future.



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