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Our mission

Davis Bews is personally committed to establishing a genuine partnership with our clients through exciting design, exceptional drawings and service that exceeds expectations and contributes to their success.

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Be Humble and Confident

We believe individual and collective leadership drives results. We are highly confident in our skills and the services we provide, yet we understand that great results come from great collaboration. We succeed and fail together, as one team; we own it, resolve it, and learn from it.

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Do the Right Thing

We take seriously an ethical responsibility to treat everyone with the respect and trust that we want to be treated with. We make decisions about and act on things that support all involved and not our own personal needs, desires, entertainment, or beliefs.

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Be Accountable

We accept responsibility for our words, actions, and decisions. We own our optimism, energy, and enthusiasm, and realize our actions drive the results. We take pride in our work and accept nothing less than the best.

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Do What You Say

We honor our commitments no matter the obstacle. We fully deliver on time, fulfilling those obligations or proactively renegotiating them.

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"Batteries Included" (Being Self-Motivated)

We are self-starters and self-motivators. We are self-managing, alert, curious, responsive, and resourceful. We are always willing to get our hands dirty and hustle to get the job done. We have an abundance mindset; our future is always bigger than our past.

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Start Strong and Finish Stronger

We have a strong vision and a passion that supports it. We hit the ground running and stay focused, always moving forward. We strive to win each and every day, aiming higher and further with each project.

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We strive to be helpful to our customers and each other. We provide solutions and elevate others to rise to their potential and give energy to others at every interaction.

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What makes Davis Bews Design Group unique is Our People, Our Product, and The Client Experience.

We foster a culture of accountability, that empowers our team to take ownership of everything they produce and provide you with the ultimate client experience. We stand by this with our 100% Hero Guarantee. This is our formal pledge to use one’s unique abilities to save the day. Our promise to always put others first and leave a lasting impression.

How can we be your hero?


For  30 years, Davis Bews Design Group has been helping make the American dream of homeownership come true in the most exciting fashion possible: by designing thousands of award-winning home designs of every imaginable kind for high-volume production homebuilders, luxury custom home builders, and individual families and owners.

Founded in 1994 by Davis and Bews, we’ve grown into one of the nation’s most respected and relied-upon residential design service providers.

From our Oldsmar, FL, offices, our deeply experienced and talented design team works with clients around the country to conceptualize, design, draft and specify detailed building plans for construction. A mid-sized firm, we place emphasis on building lasting partnerships with our clients, attending to all their needs in a highly personalized, committed way.



John Bews


Anthony Crudup


John Wagner

Partner, Senior Vice President

Bill Kendrink

Partner, Vice President

Scott Barone

Director of Operations

Jeff Smith

Director of Design

Janien Dixon

Director of Business Relations

Be a part of Davis Bews

We’re always on the lookout for talented professionals who share our values, and want to join a fast, fun company where great work is rewarded & professional growth is nourished. Interested in working with Davis Bews? Visit our Careers page to learn more.