Ensuring Success: A Deeper Dive into the Schematic Design Phase

From the Discovery Phase (Check out the article here), we move onto the second phase of our Proven Process, Schematic Design. This phase begins after the proposal is signed by both parties. This pivotal phase encompasses the initial draft presentation, finalization of floor plan design, and crafting front-facing perspectives, all while upholding a core principle of […]

Kicking Off 30 Years of Excellence at the Strategic Planning Retreat

There is no better way to mark this 30th year milestone than by igniting the spirit of celebration and strategic vision with the annual Strategic Planning Retreat (SPR). This one-day conference isn’t just about reviewing past achievements or reviewing goals for the upcoming year; it’s about rallying the Davis Bews Tribe, igniting our passion, and […]

Establishing Personal Connections: The Key to Successful Discovery

Our Process - Align

Listed as the first stage in our Proven Process (shown below), the discovery phase is crucial to set the foundation for a successful project. At Davis Bews Design Group, we understand that beyond the technical aspects of design lies a fundamental truth – the importance of establishing personal connections with our clients. In this blog, […]