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Why Let Davis Bews Design Your Luxury Custom Home?

Davis Bews is one of Florida’s premier luxury custom home designers. We provide nearly three decades of custom home design experience for discerning luxury homeowners and custom homebuilders, who truly desire to explore the bounds of what is possible.

Having created spectacular residences planned for many of the most prestigious communities, we are deeply experienced in a diverse range of architectural styles. From ultramodern smart homes to waterfront estates, magnificent chateaus and Mediterranean masterpieces, we’ve helped fulfill the unique dreams of many.

Building a luxury custom home should be a gratifying experience. So, we make sure the design process is everything our clients expect, and more. Our goal is to bring your vision to life beginning with initial consultation through site planning, visioning, preliminary design, and final design. We are with you every step of the way, including during the construction process to ensure that your plans are coming together exactly as planned.


Over a quarter-century of experience designing award-winning luxury custom homes for thousands of owners in Florida, the Southeast and across the United States

Relationship Approach

Building a luxury custom home is a significant event, one that requires true partnerships between the design team, owners and builders. We take a relational approach with our clients, communicating regularly and being there for all needs, always.

Inspired Design

We love everything about luxury custom design and our genuine passion for it is the secret behind inspired home designs, created with extraordinary levels of imagination and detail.

Architectural Versatility

We are experienced with a broad range of authentic architectural styles, everything from Key West to Contemporary, Modern Farmhouse, Cape Cod, Craftsman, Colonial, Mediterranean and more!

Stress-Free Process

We remove the stress from luxury custom home design with our proven process that includes alignment with all parties on site planning, schematic design,  engineering coordination, final  plans and onsite quality checks.

Budget Control & Value Engineering

As part of our design process, we also work with our clients to support the development of a budget and provide value-engineering to help them get the features they want within their budgets.

Our Luxury Custom Home Design Services

For those in the earliest stages of custom home planning or with questions about the desing process, we offer custom home consultation. If you’re ready to get started, we’ll want to learn about your lifestyle needs and design goals, personality and desires, and discuss budget and timelines.

Site planning for your unique luxury custom home includes developing a plot plan to show how your home and/or other structures will sit on your homesite, and the relationship between the land and everything that will eventually be built upon it.

Conceptual block outs are another key initial phase of the custom home design process. This is where the outlines of form and function resulting from visioning, budget and other criteria are first expressed – things like footprints, spatial planning, initial materials selection, and more.

Schematic design moves your blocked out concepts into more refined drawings that define the key architectural elements of your house plan design, such as building systems, special features, interior and exterior finishes, etc.

We produce detailed construction documents (CDs) for your custom home, drawn to the highest levels of quality, detail and accuracy. These docs specify the various products, systems, construction methods, materials, quantities and performance specs for building your plan.

If you’re a builder and you’d like to modify your custom home’s design or you’ve selected another site and would like to retrofit for it, we can advise on what is achievable and modify your plan to accommodate your goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Because permitting compliance can sometimes be frustrating, we can work with you or your custom home builder to assist with any and all city or municipal needs. Avoid construction delays, and know your permit’s status and location, at all times.

Custom home construction requires coordination between many teams (engineering, trusses, vendors, etc.). We help coordinate communication and make sure everyone gets the proper information they need, quickly.

Custom Home Renderings, Animations & 3D Models

See the unique beauty of your new luxury custom home expressed in individually, hand drawn and colored renderings in a variety of styles.

We create gorgeous, highly detailed, photo-realistic architectural renderings using BIM 3D modeling tools. Virtual modeling using BIM (Building Information Modeling) lets us create robust construction documents and incredible visualizations. Showcase your home’s complete interior or exterior design from any angle, in any type of setting or light you can imagine.

Animations and virtual walk-throughs capture a detailed, photo-realistic portrayal and can help you really understand every space within your new luxury home design. These allow us to showcase your home in perspective from any specific angle, playing with light, and adding dimension and are the ultimate way to experience your new home prior to construction.

Our Proprietary Process Ensures Your Custom Design Success

Davis Bews uses a tried-and-true process to ensure custom home plan design success for our clients. Whether a luxury custom homebuilder or a future custom homeowner, you’ll appreciate our smart, efficient work process that’s proven to result in the most desirable outcomes. Click the link below to learn more about how our process provides the ultimate client experience.


Featured Luxury Custom Home Designs

Davis Bews Design Group specializes in luxury custom home design services. Our passion for the work and attention to detail and craftsmanship are second-to-none, and the reason our home plans have garnered so many awards – and so much new business – for our builder clients. We are experienced in a wide range of styles from Contemporary to Craftsman to Mediterranean, and everything in between. Take a look at some our work  and see for yourself!

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