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Why Choose Davis Bews Design Group?

Our team has been creating production home designs for volume builders for over a quarter of a century. We take a partnership mindset with our builder clients and have found that our customers appreciate the long-term savings of time and money that are a result of working this way versus the inevitable mistakes, delays and transactional costs associated with more commodity-based relationships. We currently work with multiple divisions of national home builders from the Builder 100 list — so we are experienced and prepared for your quick turnaround and high volume from coast-to-coast.

Davis Bews Design Group provides unrivaled support by maintaining living residential plan libraries for home builders. This allows them to quickly and easily modify plans for new communities at any time, while also building a strong foundation for new plan development. Our individually customized lot specific documents are also second-to-none in quality, accuracy, and consistency. With our unique Proven Process, we can facilitate a smooth, efficient, pre-construction experience.


Nearly 3 decades of experience producing exquisite, flexible award-winning home designs for top national and volume homebuilders.

Partnership Approach

We take ownership of our builder partners’ design and business goals, consider long-term criteria, and always go the extra mile to ensure their success.

Inspired Design

We’re passionate about residential design and it shows in thousands of inspired designs across a broad range of architectural styles.

Unrivaled Flexibility

We create versatile floorplans with multiple elevations and maintain a digital plan library for fast, simple community and lot-specific modifications.

Maximum Efficiency

We help homebuilders reduce cycle time, avoid headaches and operate efficiently. We understand their business and anticipate issues before they arise.

Marketing Assistance

Hand-drawn & colored renderings, 3D models, animations, and virtual walk-throughs are just a few ways we assist our clients with marketing.

Our Production Plan Development Services

For those needing to bring a new product to market faster, reduce cycle time or accelerate plan development for expediting land acquisition, Davis Bews offers design charrettes. As our premium service, charrettes maximize speed and efficiency. We’ll pull together a team of our best drafters and designers and take everything else off their plate to focus entirely on your project. Get everything you need in a week or less!

Schematic design is one of the earliest stages of the design process, in which the broad outlines of form and function of your home plan designs are articulated – things like spatial planning, footprints, preliminary materials selection, and more. In this phase, we’ll transition from abstract concepts and ideas to physical drawings while defining the specific architectural elements that will characterize your house plan design.

We produce comprehensive construction documents (CDs) drawn to the highest levels of quality, detail and accuracy. These describe the products, systems, quantities, configurations and performance specifications for building your plan. All undergo multiple stringent Quality Assurance reviews to improve the bidding process, reduce field errors, eliminate back charges and improve the inspection process, helping you move forward efficiently.

During the pre-construction, engineering, and building processes, there are often many questions from a wide variety of team members (sales, trusses, engineering, procurement, trades, etc.) that need answers. We act as a single point-of-contact to help coordinate communication, plan adjustments, and make sure everyone gets the proper information they need, quickly.

As volume builder and production home specialists, we understand community needs. Our team can quickly prepare individually customized lot specific documents to ensure a faster groundbreaking on sales and specs.

A “watched” permit never clears … unless it’s on our watch. Let us “carry the weight” of the wait. Because permitting compliance can be a logistical nightmare, our team is able to handle all city and municipal needs.

We digitize your home plan design library (CAD/Revit) for quick, easy maintenance and modifications. By working in partnership with Davis Bews, you’re not having to track down designs from multiple sources in varying formats. Your plans are always right at hand for quick use, reference and modification. For our clients with high-volume plan revisions, we can establish fixed-fee maintenance agreements, giving you full support and flexibility helping optimize your architectural budget.

If you’re open to options but rigid on budget, visit our online library of ready-to-purchase home plans, available at low rates for single-license use. Search by lot size, features, style, and many other factors to find a plan you’ll love.

Renderings, Animations & Marketing Materials

Beautifully colored and textured renderings in a variety of styles make your designs even more powerful.

We create gorgeous, highly detailed, photo-realistic architectural renderings using BIM 3D modeling tools. Virtual modeling using BIM (Building Information Modeling) lets us create robust construction documents and incredible visualizations. Showcase your home’s complete interior or exterior design from any angle, in any type of setting or light you can imagine.

There are many ways to showcase your home designs, perhaps none more informative and compelling than animations and virtual walk-throughs. These fly-through’s and fly-by’s enable you to show off your homes and communities in ways that static renderings simply cannot.

The Proof of Our Process Is in the Results

How has Davis Bews been so successful over almost three decades of drafting residential plans for some of the country’s most esteemed home builders? By relying on a smart, efficient, proven work process that gets results and creates the ultimate client experience. Click the link below to see how we help our clients succeed.


Featured Production Home Designs

Davis Bews Design Group is committed to superior design. Our passion for the work and attention to detail and craftsmanship are second-to-none, and the reason our home plans have garnered so many awards – and so much new business – for our builder clients. We are experienced in a wide range of styles from Contemporary to Craftsman to Mediterranean, and everything in between. Take a look at some of our work and see for yourself!

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